Purpose of Stage 1 – Part 2

Purpose of Stage 1 is for grade-level or course content teams to:

  • Analyze their 2019-2020 curriculum to make adjustments to the 2020-2021 curriculum to address potential knowledge gaps for incoming students due to extended remote learning
  • Identify areas for potential gaps for 2019-2020 students to share in vertical conversations
  • Draft an adjusted curriculum for the 2020-2021 school year   (Stage 1 – Part 2)

To help us prepare an adjusted curriculum, we will be creating a 2020-2021 pacing guide based on instructional days.  The pacing guide has indicator checkmarks as to whether the content is gap content that has been brought forward or is new content or new content that is being retaught.

Click here to access the Phase 1 – Part 1 completed documents that identified which standards were and were not covered.

Using the 2019-2020 pacing guide, the document created during stage 1, part 1, begin to develop your pacing guide.

Template for Use:  2020-2021 Pacing Guide Template
(Requires Microsoft Excel or can be saved to Google Drive and converted to Google Sheet.)

Finished?  Upload your Pacing Guide